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Marine Tales pursues to engender a unique summer experience for each and every woman. Her, who wants to feel remarkable, phenomenal, exceptional.

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Marine Tales was born during summer of 2017. This brand is not just an idea – there is a whole true story behind it that is exciting and full of creativity. The choice on fabrics and ruffles, and attention to dainty details on our swimsuits were the start of a signature line that continues to the present in all of the brand’s products and designs.

Marine Tales is about more than just selling wonderful Swimwear. We have a duty to provide every woman and young lady the opportunity to choose timeless fashion pieces that stay true to their sense of style. We believe that having access to inexpensive, attractive, and of great quality pieces allows all women’s true magnificence to shine through. We pay extra attention to our younger ladies who want to stand out and feel confident by designing age-appropriate, beautiful swim pieces for girls of all ages.

Intentional ladies across the world can now have access to outstanding lingerie and glowing loungewear. This year our brand has launched its first lingerie line and chose designs that are sexy, elegant and mysterious. And guess what? There is a special separate collection for the Brides to be and her girl gang.

We show particular care and care to women’s different body types, and we honor those differences with designs fit for any woman. Marine Tale’s commitment to quality, customer care, and reliability in all that we do has allowed us to continue to grow our mission and spread across Europe.

Want new? We got you. New styles added every week at affordable prices. Get the hottest catwalk-inspired pieces and your biggest celeb crush new looks.Your wardrobe is hungry for the new season so feed it with the hottest swimwear in a variety of colors and prints. Look fresh, hot and irreplaceable. You better start shopping our new trends and enjoy your summer vacation.